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Author's Note: This genealogy - because it was created over many years - does not cite all sources in the footnotes, but instead may oftentimes include both the full source text and citation in the Notes attached to a person's entry. There may also be uncited sources for some early entries into this database, for which the author apologizes. In general, uncited Kielley family relations are most probably from Henry J Conroy's large well documented file for this family, Posey family sources are likely from James Wade Emison's 'Emison Families' 1962 book, or from posts to the Posey forum (especially those of Fredric Saunders and Joy McDaniel). Charles Co., MD entries may be from Michael Marshall's well documented file tree. For medieval time period entries, the author relied much on Leo van de Pas' massive well documented genealogics website, Jim Weber's large tree at with its copious notes, or the many great posts to soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup SGM. Apologies for incompletely citing all the valuable contributions of these and other individuals - and unbounded thanks to all genealogist's who have provided help. Apologies to them, and others, for not being given full recognition herein for their scholarship and help.
About These Sources : While the following list is believed to be the most relevant/reliable, new sources, corrections and additions are welcomed. These should be directed to the author, Terry J. Booth, at email address

1.   Bonner, Becky; Varner, Cheryl and others,  Various,  (An interesting but undocumented (and probably wrong) summary of genealogical traditions for these families. A variety of sources, most lacking key source citations, that in combination suggest a link between the early Fleming and Tarleton families of New Kent Co., VA, and the earlier Fleming and Tarleton landed gentry of Scotland. See Bonner's Flemming family at - the chronology works better than shown elsewhere, and she is one of the few to note there were 2 Ursula Flemings of different generations, the first who m. George Keeling and a later generation who m. Tarleton Woodson. Cheryl Varners's version is on her tree, db=:2753682.) 
2.   Booth, LaVerne Pagel; edited by Booth, Terry J [],  Frederich Pagel and Descendants Archive,  (An archive of vital records, photographs, notes and other materials relating to LaVerne Booth and her relatives, most of whom had some association with Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Calumet Co.'s of Wisconsin.) 
3.   Booth, Terry J.,  Booth and Witcraft Family Archive of Books, Documents and Other Records,  (An archive of materials collected and compiled over many years by members of the Terry J and Carol Witcraft Booth family. Information, inquires and corrections can be sent to 
4.   Bretz, Norton L.,  Family Tree Of John & Nicholas Pearl(e),  ([typescript]; private; Bellingham, WA; 1988.) 
5.   Canney, Robert S.,  The Early Marriages of Strafford County, New Hampshire 1630-1850,  (Bowie, MD; Heritage Books; 1991.) 
6.   Canney, Robert Saywood,  Early Marriages of Strafford Co., NH - Supplement #2 1630-1870.,  (Heritage Books Inc.; Bowie MD; 2000) 
7.   Church of Later Day Saints - Family History Website,  LDS International Genealogical Index,  (Record submitted by an LDS member with no source indicated. It should be regarded as requiring further proof. Found at 
8.   Conroy, Henry S.,  Kielley Family Records in the Possession of Henry S. Conroy,  (A valuable variety of statements and other materials gathered from family members, as posted on his website tree, db=conroyh (full URL = Site shows address as 2330 Cristina Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA, 85635, email 
9.   County Clerk or State Department of Health,  Certificate of Death,  (Issued by an approved governmental department. The County, State and exact location should be indicated in the notes accompanying the source.) 
10.   County Clerk or State Health Department,  Certificate of Marriage,  (Copy of original document filed with appropriate county or state agency. Number and other details of certificate to be noted in reference line.) 
11.   County Clerks,  Van Buren Co MI Marriage Records,  (Online records for Van Buren Co. Marriages at 
12.   Cutter, William Richard,  Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., MA,  (Lewis Historical Publishing Co.,; NY; 1905. In 3 Volumes. Kelley/Kielley in Vol. III, pages 1641-1642. Found online at 
13.   Dale, Karen. email =,  Karen's Gedcom,  (A valuable resource from a careful and qualified genealogist, Karen Dale's tree contains many original documents and a careful analysis of available information. There is no great proof of the ancestors of the James Mason b. ca 1740 in Stafford Co. who m. Mary Broderick and moved to Spartanburg Co., SC, but the website has much information about their children and descendents. In a like manner, the 'Local and Family Histories' library has the 1931 'A genealogical history of the Poole, Langston, Mason families and kindred lines of upper South Carolina' which traces a different line from VA down to the Laurens area of SC, some of whose members later intermarried.) 
14.   DeMarce, Virginia Easley (,  Tentative Outline of U.S. Easley Lines,  (A documented website with much information on early Virginia and Easley Lines, including some related to Posey and Kent. Deeds and wills are posted where available.) 
15.   Edgerly, Dorthea Roach,  Thomas Edgerly of Dover,  (Dorthea Roach Edgerly, M.A. & Raymond Henry Edgerly, M.A. ; M.P.H.) 
16.   Emison, James Wade,Jr. of Vincennes IN,  Supplement (1962) to The Emison Families, Revised (1954),  (Edwards Brothers Inc, Ann Arbor MI; 1962 - also available as a reprint from Higginson Book Co.; Salem Massachusetts. A massive compilation identifying original source documents relating to many earlu families of Charles Co., MD, including many Posey families.) 
17.   Estes,Charles of Warren, Rhode Island,Compiler,  Estes Genealogies, 1097-1893,  (Salem,Massachusetts; Eben Putman ; 1894.) 
18.   Ford, Georgie Hopkins,  Kentucky Brights and their Kin; including the Crabb, Drane, Ford, Hopkins, and King Families,  (Privately Printed, ca 1929, Prob in Berkeley, CA. Contains a substanitial amount of original references concerning the Thomas Ford Family of Fairfax Co., VA, most of whose descendents moved first to Newberry Co., SC and then to Shelby Co. and other areas of Kentucky. Included are wills of Thomas, son John Sr. and grandsons John Jr., William and Edward. The Thomas Ford Family Line on pages 101-143. See library @ 
19.   Friday, Jeff S.,  The Genealogy and History of the Friday Families from Switzerland, Colonial and Southern America,  (iuniverse inc.; 2003. May be found on google books website at Also found at 
20.   Fuller, Gerald Ralph,  Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Lee and Clarinda Knapp Allen,  (1952) 
21.   Gould, Carolyn,  Carolyn's Family Circle,  (An with numerous reference documents, found at Newton Chapel Churchyard, Oglethorpe Co., found at <> and related pages.) 
22.   Grubbs, Lillie Martin - from data assembled by Barnard Trail Chapter, D.A.R,  History of Worth County, Georgia : for the first eighty years, 1854-1934,  (Macon, Ga.: J.W. Burke Co., 1934. Found on 'Family & Local Histories' library.) 
23.   Guild, Mary Stiles (Paul),  The Stiles Family in America : Genealogies of the Massachusetts Family, Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass 1659-1891. and the Dover N.H. Family, Descendants of William Stiles of Dover, N.H. 1702-1891.,  (Albany, NY; Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers; 1892.) 
24.   Hall, Rev David B., A.M.,  The Halls of New England. Genealogical and Biographical,  (1883; Albany, NY.; Joel Munsell's Sons. Over 725 pages.) 
25.   Ham, John R.,  Dover New Hampshire Marriages 1623-1823,  (Dover, NH; 1880-1902 typescript.) 
26.   Hammond, Priscilla (Compiled by),  Vital Records of Barrington, New Hampshire 1720-1851,  (Copy of an original typescript compiled in 1934. Republished by Higginson Book Company; 148 Washington Street, PO Box 778; Salem Massachusetts 01970. Can be ordered online at 
27.   Hardon, Henry Winthrop (and Others),  George Huntress of Bloody Point (Now Newington), New Hampshire and Some of His Descendants,  ( tree (db=paulhuntress), also website Original work by Henry Winthrop Hardon "Huntress Family" circa 1920. Website and tree maintained by Paul Huntress, 
28.   Hardon, Henry Winthrop,  Robert Huckins of the Dover Combination & Some of His Descendants,  (See New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Jan 1913 thru Jul 1913. Hardon's NEHGR article was then re-edited and expanded to include an additional generation and then privately printed in 1916 in an edition of 175 copies. The 1916 book can be reviewed in the 'Family & Local Histories' library.) 
29.   Hill, Sharon;,  Sharon's Family History,  (Part of the 'Hill Families Tree Ring' websites. Contains substantial birth, death and other information on many Posey and related families. Found at, with Posey surname index at No doubt most dates are from "Posey Family in America' by Lloyd Frannklin Posey and Betty Sue Drake Posey.) 
30.   Holbrook, Jay Mack,  New Hampshire 1732 Census,  (Holbrook Research Institute; Oxford MA; 1981. Based upon a compendium of sources, including a 1732 tax list and a 1733 petition from many citizens of Dover, Strafford Co., NH) 
31.   Holzschuh, Joan Pagel,  Pagel Family Tree_8_08_2008,  (A careful genealogy created by Joan Pagel Holzschuh, dau of Lawrence 'Larry' Pagel of Brillion, Calumet Co., WI. The large data file was created largely from family records and information obtained at family gatherings, greatly benefitted by a direct association with many of the Pagel descendants still living in or near Calumet Co. WI.) 
32.   Hurd, D. Hamilton,  The History of Rockingham and Strafford Counties New Hampshire,  (1882; Philadelphia PA; reissued in 2002 as PDF files on a CD-ROM.) 
33.   Jarvis, May (Tibbetts) of San Diego CA (compiled by),  Henry Tibbetts of Dover, NH and Some of his Descendents,  (Available in 'Familiy & Local Histories' library and elsewhere on the internet.) 
34.   Kimsey, J (,  Kimsey/Kimzey And Allied Famlies,  (An database that lacks references, but appears reliable regarding the direct Kimsey/Kimzey lines - perhaps from a Kimsey genealogy. Appears very current, over 7,000 entries, can be accessed as db=kimsey.) 
35.   King, Marilyn Maxwell,  My Family Genealogy,  (Web site maintained by Marilyn Maxwell King. Outstanding well-researched Genealogy with many early New England families, including Tuttles, Varneys, Maxwells and others. Documents the Abigail Tuttle marriage to John Meader, the Tuttle Joan Antrobus connection, many other items.) 
36.   Lassus, Laura Lee (email,  Trail - Lassus - Hartley,  (An invaluable extended database of families who lived in the Spartanburg South Carolina area in the late 18th and 19th centuries, most of whom migrated from various Virginia counties including Henry Co., Prince William Co., Spotsylvania Co and others. Many of the records are from family Bible records preserved by the DAR, others are from local histories and or court records. The ID is db=:3055554.) 
37.   Leighton, Perley M.,  A Leighton Genealogy, Descendants of Thomas Leighton of Dover New Hampshire,  (2 Volumes, 1986; New England Historic Genealogical Society.) 
38.   Locke, Arthur H.,  History and Genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696),  (The Rumford Press, Concord, New Hampshire, 1916; Reprinted 1993 by Heritage Books) 
39.   Lovejoy, Randall (as transcribed by Richard C. Smith),  The House of Howard : A compilation of the genealogy of the Howard Family, by many members,  (A VERY limited edition genealogy that is not in LDS or Newberry Library. Many records were transcribed by Richard Smith to his tree (db=waslug), the only available source until the book becomes more widely available. In a 11 May 2005 email he notes "You are correct in that Randall's book had a very limited distribution. This branch of the Howard and related families has a strong presence here in the northwest since the big family move in 1864, with a lot of genealogy interest. I am sorry to say that Randall passed away in 2003. The book, "The House of Howard" was compiled, printed and assembled by Randall from his own and family sources and was contributed to by many family members. The distribution was basically within the family, although before he died I referred a number of people to him who may or may not have been able to get copies. If you have some specific information I would be happy to do lookups for you. The Anna Howard you refer to is probably from another line. As near as I can tell our Howards came into the country in the south NC, VA and over the years spread west to TN with some ending up in IL. A large contingent approx. 76 family members made up the Howard wagon train and moved west in 1864 because of local conflicts during the war. They were anti slavery so unwelcome in the south, but were vocally pro-southern which put them in conflict with their neighbors in IL. Richard C. Smith 
40.   McDaniel, Joy,  Personal Files on Family of Nehemiah Posey of Pulaski Co., GA,  (Records have been posted on The information has been accumulated over many years by reviewing primary sources in GA and other southern states, and includes much material found in the research notes of Mrs. Francis Copeland (who also relied on primary sources). While both McDaniel and Copeland gathered material from family members, their information is primarily based on legal documents found in GA, SC, NC and elsewhere. Very reliable information for the NC/SC/GA Nehemiah Posey family line - and related family - otherwise extremely difficult to trace. See especially and related postings.) 
41.   Muskogee County Genealogical Society,  Muskogee County [Georgia] Marriage Books,  (Online Transcription of Official Muskogee Co., Georgia Records. Includes : Chatahoochie, Marion, Talbot and Harris Counties. References: Marriage Books, Cemeteries. 
42.   Nelson, S. B.,  Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Erie County PA,  (1896; S. B. Nelson, Pub.; Erie PA.) 
43.   Noyes, Sybil; Libby, Charles Thornton and Davis, Walter Goodwin,  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire,  (Republished Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996. This classic reference work contains extensive biographical and genealogical data on every family established in Maine and New Hampshire before 1699. Listed are the births, marriages, and deaths of the settlers through the third generation, and sometimes into the fourth. Also included are data on places of origin, residences, wills and deeds, court cases, and highlights of lives and careers. 1928-1939) 
44.   Office of the County Clerk or State Health Department,  Certificate of Marriage,  (Copy of original document filed with appropriate county or state agency. Number and other details of certificate to be noted in reference line.) 
45.   Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society,  About OBCGS (Old Buncombe Co. Genealogical Society),  (Found at In their own words, " This website contains hundred of files with information about Old Buncombe County, NC families. To find information on a specific surname, family or subject, go to our on-site search machine, and enter the subject you are searching. Also available on the Search Engine Page is a search machine to search the Internet." Contains early wills and genealogies of Buncombe families including Brittain, Williamson and others.) 
46.   Packer, Rev. Edward L.,  History of Londonderry NH,  (1851; Boston; Perkins and Whipple) 
47.   Pagel, Marty,  Pagel Family Tree,  (His posting is found on the 'Pagels of the World' website @ (visible as of 8/12/2008). Most of the other Pagel families on the page do not appear to be the same line.) 
48.   Parson Pike,  Pike's Journal,  (Lived in Dover NH. His journals are available in the 'Family & Local Histories' database and elsewhere on the internet.) 
49.   Place, Rev. Enoch Hayes; (Transcribed by William E. Wentworth),  Journals of Enoch Hayes Place 1810-1865 regarding people from Strafford and Surrounding Places,  (New England Historical & Genealogical Society; Boston; 1998; 2 Volumes. A massive collection noting the marriages, deaths and religious habits of many local residents, finally transcribed with a superlative index of all individuals mentioned therein.) 
50.   Posey, Jon;,  Personal Files on Family of Mark Nehemiah Posey of Barnwell Co., SC,  (Most records have been posted on The information has been accumulated the old fashioned way - over many years from family members and at family reunions, including some Bible records, newspaper accounts etc. Generally reliable information for a SC Nehemiah Posey family line otherwise difficult to trace, some based on previously unseen Nehemiah Posey Jr. d. 1843 estate records. Also see transcript of David Marlin Posey 1854 Bible at 
51.   Richmond, Katherine F.,  John Hayes of Dover, New Hampshire - A History of his Family,  (Tyngsboro; Privately Publ by Katherine Richmond; 1936; 2 Vols, 448 pages & 449-911 pages.) 
52.   Saunders, Fredric Z.,,  Fredric Zimmerman Saunders Professional Genealogist,  (A website devoted to the early generations in Saunders' family tree. His work is highly respected, which includes postings to the Posey (and other) genforum boards. His website notes for immigrant Francis Posey are found at 
53.   Savage, James (compiled by O. P. Dexter),  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those who came before 1692.,  (Boston: 1860-1862.Reprinted with "<i>Genealogical Notes and Errata</i>," excerpted from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, April, 1873, pp. 135-139, And A Genealogical Cross Index of the Four Volumes of the Genealogical Dictionary of James Savage, by O. P. Dexter, 1884. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore,MD. The best known and most frequently used genealogical dictionary for early New England.This monumental work gives the name of every settler who came to New England before 1692, regardless of his rank, station in life or fortune. Traces the descendants of each person, giving dates of marriage and death, dates of birth, marriage and death of his children, and the birth dates and names of his grandchildren, thus recording the beginning of the third generation in New England. Binding is 4 vols. 2,541 pp. ** Available on the internet @ 
54.   Scales, John,  A History of Strafford New Hampshire & Representative Citizens,  (Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; 1914. Available on CD.) 
55.   Scales, John,  Piscatagua Pioneers 1623-1675,  (May 1919; Press of Charles E. Whitehouse; Dover NH; 212 Pages) 
56.   Scales, John,  The History of Dover New Hampshire,  (1923; J.B. Clarke; Manchester NH; 499 pages.) 
57.   Stackpole, Everett S. and Thompson, Lucien,  History of the Town of Durham New Hampshire (Oyster River Plantation),  (Published by the Town of Durham; 1914; in 2 Volumes. The history is in Vol. I, all genealogies are in Vol. II with pages restarting at page 1. Book was reissued 2000 as CD-ROM by Preserved Books.) 
58.   Stackpole, Everett S.,  Old Kittery and Her Families,  (Press of Lewiston Journal Company, Lewiston, ME: 1903) 
59.   State of Wisconsin,  Wisconsin Births 1820-1907,  (Available in database and elsewhere on the internet.) 
60.   Stearns, Ezra S.,  Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire - a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation,  (New York [New York] : Lewis Publishing Company, 1908; 4 Vols. A classic work regarding early NH families. Available online and in ancestry,com 'Local and Fimily Histories' library.) 
61.   Torrey, Clarence Almon,  New England Marriages Prior To 1700,  (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1985.) 
62.   Tucker, Thomas,  The Steuben Story,  (Reminiscences from Mrs. Mike Friar (Genevieve Kielley). Extracts from the book can be found by doing a google search.) 
63.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1790 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of (approx.) 1 Aug 1790.) 
64.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1840 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1840.) 
65.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1850 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1850.) 
66.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1860 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1860.) 
67.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1870 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1870.) 
68.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1880 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1880.) 
69.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1900 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is 1 Jun 1900.) 
70.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1910 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 15 Apr 1910.) 
71.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1920 Census of the United Sates,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jan 1920.) 
72.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1930 Census of the United Sates,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Apr 1930.) 
73.   Various Authors,  Misc information found in internet search,  (Source should be cited in details, including the URL.) 
74.   Various Staff,  Long Prairie Leader / Todd County Argus,  (Long Prairie dealt with local news, the Argus with County wide. Prob weeklies. The Leader published a series of biographies in the 1930's and 1940's. Contained obituaries weddings etc. Names include Jonas Booth, Zaval Booth, Justina Booth, Elvira Booth, the Fullers and Taylors, many other relatives and children. Carol Ross graciously provided many of the 100+ year old obituaries.) 
75.   Various ministers and clerks,  Manual of the First Church of Dover NH : Organized Dec 1638,  (N. E. Stiles' Job Print; 1900; Dover NH. The document - which contains numerous 18th and 19th century birth, marriage and death records - appears in 'Collections of the Dover, N.H. Historical Society', which book is available online in the 'Families and Local Histories' Collection.) 
76.   Various,  Caverly, Center Strafford, Crown Point & Misc Cemetary Gravestones,  (Town of Strafford NH Website; URL is 
77.   Various,  Family Tree Search on,  (A search of the family trees revealed this information. Unless documented with other references, the information should be considered provisional.) 
78.   Various,  Georgia Marriages to 1850,  (Listed in 'Birth Death & Marriage Records) 
79.   Various,  History of Crawford and Richland Counties WI,  (Union Publishing Company; Springfield, IL; 1884. Can be found online at Crawford County WI website, URL is 
80.   Various,  International Genealogical Index (IGI) Individual Record from LDS Database,  (LDS Family Search Database; Probably reliable since citation indicates it was extracted from local Vital Records or other similar sources.) 
81.   Various,  New England Historical and Genealogical Record,  (A quarterly publication of the New England Historic Genealogic Society. Preferably the Article Title, date of Issue and Page Number should be noted in the source details.) 
82.   Various,  Nuckolls Worldwide Kindred Society,  (Information is available from the "Nuckolls Worldwide Kindred Society" website at The notes are associated with book and a CD published by them, an updated version of "First Virgina Nucholls and Kindred" originally written by Bertha Nuckols. The genealogies are not readily accessible from the cited page, but if one uses the address one will get an index of the site.) 
83.   Various,  See Source Notes for documentation.,  (The source for this information will be seen in the notes for person referenced in the details for this source.) 
84.   Various,  Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900,  (Listed in 'Birth Death & Marriage Records) 
85.   Virkus, Frederick Adams,  Compendium of American Genealogy : The Standard Genealogical Encyclopedia of The First Families of America,  (Baltimore; Genealogical Publishing Co; 1968. found in 'Family & Local Histories' Library. First published in 1933.) 
86.   Wentworth, John, LL.D., of Chicago, Illinois,  The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American,  (Boston MA; Little, Brown & Co.; 1878. In Three Volumes. An earlier 2 volume edition, Boston MA; Press of A. Mudge & Son; 1870 can be found in the 'Family and Local Histories' Library, while the original NEHGR article can be found in various issues beginning on page 321 of the Oct 1850 issue (Vol. 4).) 
87.   Wentworth, William Edgar,  Vital Records 1790-1829 from Dover New Hampshire's First Newspaper.,  (Picton Press; Camden ME; Jan 1995; 399 Pages.) 
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